Oceanic Engineering Society

Universum Science Centre Bremen

hands-on approach to understanding science. 4000m2 of interactive rooms on the themes of mankind, the earth and space. Aha moments with fun.


Schlachte Embankment       

A wealth of restaurants with beer gardens. Riverboat, quayside, antique & flea market


Ethnological museum – anthropology, trade and natural history
Around the world in 80 minutes: discover a variety of new worlds with everything
from African art, exotic animals and plants, and gold from the Americas. Founded 1896. Permanent exhibition: Asia – a continent of contrasts.

Focke Museum

Bremen regional museum for art and cultural history
1,200 years of urban and cultural history in four historical buildings, fascinating examples of applied art – and much more.
Johann Focke was the founder of the museum. 1890 his son, Henrich Focke, the famous German aircraft design engineer and helicopter pioneer, was born in Bremen. His work is referred to in his private laboratory, the Focke’s wind tunnel.

Auswandererhaus – German Emigration Center, Bremerhaven

„setting off for a new life…”
Europe’s largest emigration museum deals with the emigration of German people to the New World during the 19th and 20th century. Research your own family’s past! Bremerhaven it about 60 km from Bremen city and can be reached individually by rental car or train.
Or you book tour No. 5.

Weserburg – Museum of modern art

International contemporary art from private collections. Europe’s largest collection of art publications.

Kunstsammlungen – art collections - Böttcherstr.

The art collections reside in the Museum in the Roselius House, modelled on a historic Bremer patrician residence of the 16th-century, with works from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, and in the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, a significant 20th century expressionist building

Bremer Geschichtenhaus – Bremen‘s house of history

Experience tales from Bremen’s history live on stage.

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